The Feeling’s Dan On The Advantages Of Signing Fake Boobs

’s official site features a brand new catch-up Q&A with Dan Gillespie Sells, in which he chats about his Christmas, the band’s plans for 2009 and the perils of autographing boobs. On the latter subject, when asked if he’s autographed many breasts in his time, the frontman responded, “I have autographed a lot of breasts! It’s a rock ‘n roll tradition to sign boobs. In America, you do a lot of fake boobs and the great thing about a fake boob is that they’re very easy to write on. The worst thing is if you haven’t got a marker pen and some girl comes up to you with slightly wobbly boobs and gives you a biro. It just doesn’t work and it’s really embarrassing. You’re kind of scratching. When you’re doing that, you’re aware it’s wrong for so many reasons.”

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