The Fil-Am Idols Visits Philippines

Recently, visited her roots in Cavite, Philippines. It is a good thing that though Jasmine achieved success from her participation on Fox’s highly-rated reality show “American Idol”, she still recognizes where she came from. There, she did some commercials which tackled communication between Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and their families should be established. She also did a single for McDonald’s which I think is entitled “Luv Ko To”… It was a very nice, enlightening song dedicated to her original hometown. She even did have a concert in Philippines and I heard it did real good.

Then just this December, Jasmine’s fellow American Idol & another Fil-Am contestant Camille Velasco came also to Philippines. She will also be doing some shows in Philippines with another singer there (I don’t know who coz I don’t live in Philippines).

The great thing about this is that it shows everyone that no matter how far success brings you, you should always know how to look back where you came from. That makes me feel proud coz I am also a Fil-Am here in Miami. Therefore, I can say that I am so proud for these girls for making it a point to visit heir homeland…(I know it sounds real dorky for a 5″8 guy to say but that’s how I feel and besides, I have nothing to do here in Florida, it’s getting real boring in here.) Peace people!!!

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