The Fratellis Bassist Blasts Lily Allen

The Fratellis bassist Barry Fratelli spoke with The Sun about quiting her tour due to exhaustion and their decision to cancel a tour for similar reasons. “We’ve decided we have to write songs for the next album which won’t get on our nerves,” Baz explained. “I can’t stop playing it because that’s what people want to hear but we need some more material.” But that doesn’t mean he has sympathy for Lily. “A couple of times we’ve wanted to pack it in and go home but we’ve carried on for the fans who have bought tickets,” he explained. “Lily Allen is a different kettle of fish. She’s a pop artist so she never went through two years of touring constantly to get a break.”

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One thought on “The Fratellis Bassist Blasts Lily Allen

  1. kevin says:

    The first mistake of a tour manager, is to make sure someone has enough, material, to last two years, and last two hours on stage, the play list was way too short, people Liked the songs though! Lily Allen wanted to take her act on the road, because there was no profit for her in album sales, It was this limited amount of material, that caused her to eventually drink Before, and during her shows. I see this as a problem, sure! but I can also understand, why she was drunk, Lily Allen once said she was an alcoholic, but that’s because,she’s second guessing what other people think, and that’s the image the press has created for her. It’s defeating,

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