The Go-Go’s Kathy Valentine Releases Statement On UK Cancellation

Kathy of the Go-Go’s released a statement on the band’s official website on 25 explaining the band’s decision to cancel their London show. Kathy says a variety of factors came into the decision including the terror attacks on September 11 and a need for the band members to work together even if they have different feelings on schedules, travel and promotional activities.

Kathy says the band is disappointed at the unfriendly environment in the U.S. market concerning the band’s comeback stating, “Despite months of relentless touring, promotion, and marketing efforts in the U.S., our strongest base, the environment was not all that friendly to our renewed presence. This did not bother the band so much–we feel we made a great record, our visibility was raised and we generated alot of interest from corporate entities. Also, we enjoyed working together and trekking out into the territory of the Go-Gos as a contemporary act with new music rather than a nostalgia act on a “reunion” tour once again. But the interest level did affect the outlook and prospects from the international perspective. An originally scheduled major European tour got repeatedly chopped down until it became a one city show. While we do not expect you all to know the inner workings of a band on tour, please trust us and leave it at this: it is a very expensive endeavor. Not only in terms of money, but in terms of energy and commitment by each band member.”

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