The Great Popstars Now Fading Away

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Remember back when Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and once ruled the pop charts. Well Britney never really ruled the charts but she at least used to be on them. This crop of pop has beens haven’t had #1 singles in quite sometime. Though Christina was the most recent to be in a top spot with Beautiful, it wasn’t at the top of the pop charts. It may be true that at least two of these stars haven’t released an album in over 2 years, but even if they did release an album the chances of it producing number 1 singles is not that great. For one the pop charts look like a hip hop and R&B chart, driven by Destiny’s Child and Usher along with new talent Ciara. The once pop greats really need to come out of their own little worlds and pay attention to what’s going on if they want to continue ascending or choose to follow their own paths which seems to be on a descending tract. Destiny’s Child and Usher realized it and changed, so I guess we have to wait and see what Britney, Justin, and Christina and conjure up. Hopefully there isn’t any truth to those rumors of Britney retiring.

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