The Greatest Of All: Christina And Britney… As If!

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I have been on this site many times, and I’ve noticed how many people are always debating on and all the time. Does it really matter people? Don’t you people know that other artists existed before Christina and Britney were even born! And that there’s so much better music with better music and lyrics besides Britney’s, which is just pretty much all about how she’s turned on by herself and wants to have sex and get hot with as many guys as possible, and besides Christina who has a little more to her music than just that. At least hers is a little bit more interesting and not so repetitive with every song and lyric.

But really, some of you act as if the whole fate of pop music depends on the show down of Christina and Britney, and that one of them has to fall so the other can save the world. C’mon. Sure, it’s a fact now that they’re the greatest pop icons in the world, does that make them better than other artists and does it mean that we all have to like and respect them just because they’re sexy, sell tons of records, and flaunt this image that sells even more than the music itself. I could become a pop star myself if I had Britney’s choreographer, had a decent voice, had the makeup crew and such, and other people to get the connections to most of the things that makes people attracted to them.

It’s nothing special people, there are so many people that I see dance and sing just as good as both of them. So my point is before I bore you, is that Christina and Britney aren’t the greatest in the world, whether you like it or not. It’s not a fact that they’re liked or loved by everyone, or that their music is the most fun and empowering. There are so many artists out there, and by the way, I like their music too, but it doesn’t make me into an ignorant chucklehole that thinks all of pop revolves around these pop clowns/icons Britney and Christina. PEACE, and remember, THINK BEFORE YOU JUDGE.

Sincerely, E.T’s_Stick_@$$_Finger

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    Hi Hater, Bye Hater…

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