The Greedy Mind Of Hilary Duff

Contributed anonymously:

Fact: The high note in ‘Come Clean’ is synthesized (enhanced) by Buena Vista Records USA. Infact, most of the song and the album ‘Metamorphosis’ were enhanced or synthesized, if you will, do to Hilary Duff’s extremely poor vocals. If you noticed, does not perform live, she has a backing tape that she lyp-syncs to.

Hilary Duff is a greedy girl. She treats these weak minds that buy her products like little toys. Hilary Duff has movie deals, a record deal, and a clothing line. She also is starting up a fashion doll line, a make-up line, and canine (dog) clothing line. I smell greed !

What are your thoughts and no fighting ?

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One thought on “The Greedy Mind Of Hilary Duff

  1. Matthew Orts says:

    What are you talking about! Do you even know what a synthesizer sounds like? They sound robotic and fake! FYI, Hilary Duff had voice lessons before she even started acting, she just took a brake for a while, then she resumed them while she did Lizzie McGuire. If they do a robotic effect in one song, that doesn’t mean she can’t sing, everybody does it… Look at Britney Spears…

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