The Idol Banger Sisters Double Corey Clark’s Pleasure

Perhaps Kimberly Caldwell was ousted from ‘American Idol’ none too soon as Star magazine reports she and fellow contestant Trenyce were nicknamed The Banger Sisters for their reputations for wild partying, an insider revealed. Word is, both had sex with Corey Clark, who was booted for allegedly beating up his sister. “He looked seedy and smelled like he didn’t bath regularly,” the insider said. “But the word backstage was that he was very well endowed and both Trenyce and Kimberly decided to take him for a test drive.” At the Idol mansion in Hollywood Hills, the insider says, “Trenyce didn’t know what Kimberly was doing, but while she was sneaking into his room, Kimberly was sneaking out. When they found out about each other, they were both embarrassed.”

Simon Cowell’s Mother Dishes On ‘Idol’ Son

April 27, 2003 – American Idol judge Simon Cowell’s mother Julie tells Extra TV that her sinister four-year-old son nearly burned down the house. She says, “It was horrendous. He found a Father Christmas outfit that we thought we hid very well. So unbeknown to me, he came downstairs and got some matches and actually set fire to the whiskers. And then in fear he pulled it across the room. I did give him a jolly good hiding, but it was so terrifying what he had done.”

Carmen Rasmussen Finally Gets The ‘Idol’ Boot

April 27, 2003 – Carmen Rasmussen, the youngest ‘American Idol 2’ contestant, was ousted in the other night’s episode. Next on the firing line was Josh Gracin and Trenyce. Carmen said afterwards, “It’s such a big stepping stone. It’s been awesome.”

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