The Jonas Brothers Team Up With Bayer For Diabetes Awareness

of the Jonas Brothers, who was recently diagnosed with diabetes, wants to inspire young people everywhere to better manage their health. The sibling pop trio, joined by their mother Denise, presented a $100,000 check from Bayer to the Change for the Children foundation ( at a press conference in New York City earlier today.

“You know, on tour it does get a little tough to manage diabetes sometimes,” Nick told ‘Entertainment Tonight’ with his mom by his side. “Life is kind of difficult as it is, and when you throw diabetes on top of it, it would be even more difficult. So to be able to have the tools we have today, like the Contour Meter, really manage your diabetes accurately and efficiently is really nice.”

The report at has since been removed.

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  1. Elaine Carr says:

    Proper medication can lower your blood sugar levels but you can take other measures to help you take control of diabetes and slow its progression. Changing your diet is one way. You can regulate your diabetes and diet by simply eating healthy and choosing foods you eat according to their glycemic index ratings.

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