The Jonas Brothers Visit The White House

Kevin, Joe and of The visited the White House briefing room on Monday (August 18) and signed the wall of the pool hidden underneath.

Kevin Jonas told reporters that the trio do not plan to endorse any particular political campaign, adding, “but we do – me and Joe are both of voting age – so we do endorse voting, getting to know the issues, learning about the candidates … and [making] a decision for yourself.” Kevin added that he and Joe do plan on voting. “I think it’s everyone’s duty as a citizen of the United States to make sure you vote.”

Footage from their visit at has since been removed.

Pyrotechnic Malfunction Cuts Gig Short

The Jonas Brothers concert at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts was cut short on Thursday night after the sprinkler system was activated before the sibling pop trio’s encore.

“The band’s crew left one of the pyrotechnic rings on for triple the time it was supposed to, and that let enough heat build up in the ceiling to set the sprinkler system off,” local stage workers union president Gary Sommers told The Times Herald-Record.

A concertgoer videotaped the sprinklers in action as fans chanted for the Jonas encore. Watch it below.

Jonas Brothers Discuss Album, Tour, Fans & ‘TRL’

‘Entertainment Tonight’ followed the Jonas Brothers on Tuesday (August 12) as the sibling pop trio promoted their new release ‘A Little Bit Longer’ with appearances at ‘Total Request Live’ and a concert at the Apple store. Kevin talked about how the guys “couldn’t even walk” last night as they picked up their new album at midnight in Times Square. He also talked about their new tour, featuring “seven things on stage that have never been done before… there’s a lot of really cool pyro. Of course it is the Burning Up tour.” Joe then talked about the sound on the new album. Video of the interview at has since been removed.

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