The Last Word On Last Call

Carson Daly was phoned by Access Hollywood’s Pat O’Brien Wednesday to explain the details behind his ‘Last Call’ show getting pulled. Turns out the decision was made 3 minutes before the scheduled airtime and Carson was told 60 seconds beforehand. Carson said, “I was with a large group of family and friends, business associates, that stuff, i knew something was going down. I think it was trying to be worked without — out without get to go me.”

Carson Pullout ‘Highly Unusual Situation’

January 9, 2002 – The New York Post has more details on the shocking pullout of Last Call with Carson Daly on Monday. An insider described the network’s decision not to air the show without a contract saying, “Obviously NBC didn’t want to put him on the air [without a contract] and then come in the next day and find out that everyone [at rival networks] want him now.”

Viewers Blast Laughing Carson During TRL Moment Of Silence

January 8, 2002 – Carson Daly shocked television audiences Tuesday after asking fans on MTV’s Total Request Live to observe a moment of silence for the death of Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas who died over the weekend. Midway through that moment, Carson started laughing and blurted, “What are we doing? It’s only Dave, he had a good life!” Furious viewers blasted the host afterwards on music message boards with MO-Xtina saying, “That is so disrespectful and mean. Carson has got the nerve! He made himself look like such a jack***!” ‘Vocals count’ pointed out, “While everyone was quiet he did start laughing into the mic. It was kinda tacky. Bet he didn’t do the same when Joe C (Kid Rock’s friend) died.”

Why Carson’s Last Call Didn’t

January 8, 2002 – Katrillion is reporting the reason that the debut of Carson Daly’s new show ‘Last Call’ didn’t air last night was because Daly and NBC are still negotiating a deal, if you could believe. The network’s statement said, “We were unable to close the deal with Carson Daly for the new late-night show ‘Last Call with Carson Daly.’ At this time we’re working toward a resolution and we’re hopeful that we can move forward with the show.” The network ran reruns of SCTV instead last night, despite the fact that they were running commercials even as of Sunday for the program.

Carson’s Last Call Doesn’t Air

January 8, 2002 – Contributed Anonymously:

The first “Last Call with Carson Daly” did NOT run last night! It was pulled at the last second! Does anyone know why?

Note: Actually I was wondering the same thing… I thought maybe it was a local decision not to air it or something, but apparently nobody saw it. Too bad, as Alicia Keys was the first scheduled guest. Just checked the site and there’s no mention of the show not airing.

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