The Matrix Issue Statement On Working With Avril Lavigne

The Matrix issued the following statement regarding their work with on her debut album ‘Let Go’ on Tuesday (July 10):

Seeing old and long finished business between Avril and ourselves
dredged up as a means to challenge her artistic and writing talents
in a matter which, at arms-length seems transparent and
opportunistic at its best characterization, has found us feeling the
need to make a single closing statement as to the events of long ago
which are now being given new life and, to our view, improperly used
and characterized.

The single core matter between ourselves and Avril where we were not
happily in-sync, derived from a few comments released in the press
which snowballed and found themselves creating personal issues in an
extremely harmonious relationship where theretofore were none. They
ultimately placed personal matters where it was hard for both sides
to let business to just be business. An initial comment by Avril,
which derived from an unhappiness with a part of a business and not
creative equation, started the years-old chain reaction. We then
felt the need to defend ourselves and something that was a minor
matter became fanned into a major one by parties other than
ourselves and Avril.

When comments were made some five years ago to Rolling Stone
magazine, we were viewing to defend The Matrix’s songwriting
credibility and involvement, which had been presented and
characterized to us as being under attack. People were suggesting a
sizable variance between what we experienced to have taken place in
the writing of the works and representing us as unfairly insisting
on more of a songwriter percentage than we should. We were very much
hurt to think anyone would accuse us of taking credit for more than
we were due, much less someone whom we found ourselves so close with
and supportive of. The whole matter caught us off guard and was
disappointing. We are personal friends with everyone we have worked
with — from Jonathan Davis of KORN to to
and Shakira — and we’ve never had any so-called differences with
any of them as to the fair allocation of song splits. Our music is
our life and it’s all personal. It’s where we live. We always put
our hearts and respect into what we do both in and out of the studio.

While we stand behind our work and belief that we were both
supportive and fair in our interactions, it pains us to see that now
these provoked and youthful words of both sides from interviews of
over five years ago are being used to kick Avril and validate
another’s case of her not being a writer or talent. Despite
any varying perspectives on how we wished to allocate our mutual
writings, we had a fabulous and unique experience with Avril, who
was then a 16-year-old rapidly growing songwriter with tremendous
raw talent. The songs were conceived on piano and guitar by four
people: The Matrix (3) and Avril. And to be clear, Avril was
instrumental in the songs’ creation. We were all very close during
the making of the record. When it became a huge hit, people who
were not there at the time of the making of the record decided to
draw and put forth in the press their own conclusions as to how
creativity took place. This continues.

We remain big Avril fans both musically and personally, as well
as very much recognize and believe in her and her talents. We wish
her much continued success and know her talent will shine through
these matters and long beyond.

The Matrix

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