The New Britney Spears

I have been a fan since day one. I can remember hearing “…Baby One More Time” for the first time in 1998 and seeing her video playing on the big screen at Best Buy. Instantly I knew that there was something special about this girl. I never expected her to be the Britney she is today. I never knew she was going to be a pop icon who sold millions and millions of albums across the globe. I also never expected all of the sexual innuendos, all the rumors and gossip, and all the stupid things she’s done in her personal life.

It’s been quite a ride over the past several years, but now that she is pregnant, I think we’re going to be seeing a new Britney Spears. This is quite evident in her new single Someday (I Will Understand). Britney has always come out with flashy singles to promote her new albums, but this time around Britney is sharing a part of herself that goes beyond in-your-face sexuality and pop star entrepreneur. For the first time in Britney’s career, she’s promoting her softer side and her artistic ability. This is a major step for Britney and an exciting one for her fans. Millions of fans are impatiently waiting to see what Britney has in store.

Tonight her new video and single debuts on UPN’s Chaotic. I’ve already heard parts of it, and I think it’s a beautiful and poignant ballad that’s quite reminiscent of her songs “Everytime” and “Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman”. It’s also one of the best vocals audiences have heard from her in a very long time. It’s clear that Britney will never be known strictly for her voice or for her talent, but she is striving to be seen in a more mature light. As she prepares to embrace motherhood and life as a young mother, her fans all across the world are prepared to embrace the new Britney Spears who’s growing up before our very own eyes.

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