The New Paris Hilton

Contributed Anonymously:

Believe it or not, there’s a new lady in town, and that lady is Paris Hilton. Recently, there have been many new changes about Paris Hilton, and here they are:

1) She’s partying and drinking less, and instead spending time at juice bars with her hubby-to-be Paris. That from Paris is a big deal!

2) She’s starting to think more seriously. She’s thinking about motherhood, and thinking about toning down her immature ways.

3) She’s not dressing like a slut as much as she used to. She’s actually dressing more mature, and she seems happier. Hmm, does Paris have anything to do with this?

4) She may be pregnant! So maybe she’s really changing (literally) into a new person.

5) She has more ambitious goals. She’s tired of looking like a dumb blonde in the Simple Life, now she’s serious about being an actress and a singer (I will believe it only if I hear it).

So yeah, for somebody who wrote about Britney being “new”. Give me a break, Paris is actually maturing into a new person while Britney is still the same Britney. So I believe that is truly changing because of her hubby-to-be Paris. Who knows, she may for once be respected as an heiress and a businesswoman one day.

Spokesman: Engaged To Paris Latsis

May 30, 2005 – is engaged to boyfriend and Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis, People Magazine reported on its web site Monday. “They are happy and excited,” Hilton’s spokesman Rob Shuter told the magazine.

Paris Hilton’s New Film Or Infomercial?

May 18, 2005 – Paris Hilton’s new film ‘Bottom’s Up’, set for release next year, is shamelessly pushing the gambling website famous for bidding in headline grabbing internet auctions, The movie/infomercial move is apparently being pushed by a product integration company called BrandNew.

Backstreet Boys Comment On Paris Calling Nick A ‘Disgusting Pig’

May 13, 2005 – While in Hollywood to talk with the Backstreet Boys about their upcoming album ‘Never Gone’, Nick Carter was given the opportunity to respond to comments his ex-girlfriend Paris Hilton made on ‘The Canadian Top 30 Countdown’ saying that Nick was a “disgusting pig”. What Nick, Kevin Richardson, and AJ McLean had to say about her comments has since been removed from

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