The Next Madonna?

Madonna 'I'm Breathless' back

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Recent events have brought comparisons between Christina Aguilera and to the surface once more. The two pop phenomenons who rode the teen pop wave through 1999, were unable to escape comparisons through the early phases of their careers.

Both at some point have been hailed as The Next due to their obsessive fan bases and similarities with the pop icon. At the MTV VMAs this year, talk of Madonna passing on her crown to Christina or Britney was fueled by a controversial performance where The Material Girl planted a wet one on each singer.

Within a month, had announced that Madonna would feature on her new single, ‘Me Against The Music’. It looked set that Britney Spears would take over Madonna’s role as the female pop icon. She definitely had the sales.

But unfortunately, where Britney lacks Madonna’s creativity, originality or daring controversial ideas, Christina takes the crown.

Madonna and Britney are similar in the fact that they both are hailed as talented dancers; both are professionally trained and center their performances around the art. They both lack decent vocal talent – sure they can hold the note but it’s nothing impressive.

But what has made Madonna the icon she is today is none of the above similarities with Britney, it is the traits that she shares with Christina Aguilera.

When Christina first burst onto the scene in 1999, she was as manufactured and marketed as Britney Spears. But one note-worthy difference between the two – were their lyrical subjects. Britney moaned about loneliness and not being able to live without a boy, while Christina used her mighty voice to sing confident songs with an overall positive outlook.

But as Britney repeated her successful formula for the next few albums, Christina, you could say, “pulled a Madonna.” For the release of her sophomore album, Christina’s comeback was linked with words often used to describe Madonna. Original, Daring and Controversial.

Madonna is famous for re-inventing herself numerous times, and with Christina’s second album, she pulled a complete 180 degree turn. With one video, Christina re-invented herself as an unapologetic, daring, confident young woman. Fearless. She pushed the envelope and took the risk. Christina’s re-invention was so outrageous, she completely destroyed her sweet image to replace it with the sex kitten diva. It was a re-invention Madonna would be proud of.

Britney, on the other hand, has tried her hardest to shed her sweet n’ innocent but with no luck. No matter how raunchy or saucy Britney teased, nobody could forget her virgin bride pledge. Without the re-invention tactic, we may wonder how Britney will manage to stay afloat in a world full of spinning trends and fads. One may fear that despite the enormous success Britney has enjoyed, she may just well be a trend.

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9 thoughts on “The Next Madonna?

  1. rachel says:

    Who wants to be that old raggedy slut anyway. I respected Madonna for so long but lately she has been a major publicity slut and is always in other people’s business. Madonna used to be risky and daring, now she is just boring and predictable. I will rather Christina be the next Aretha or something. A respectable artist not a respected slut. Oxymoron but are society likes to glorify whores for some reason. Hmm

  2. Nothing2Lose says:

    That was well put. I mean, I am glad Christina has really not been compared too much to someone all the time. I know there are comparisons to Britney but they are very different artists. But I mean Christina has always been daring, controversial, original and made strong statements. I think she is a new “Madonna” she is not trying to follow a path set by someone else but to forge her own.

  3. Carrie says:

    Neither of the two come close to Madonna. Madonna was a tremendous risk taker capable of doing things that were extremely outrageous. She had tons of lovers, displayed her raunchy sexuality like no other, never pined for any one type of guy. She dated guys of all races, like J Lo but she topped it by having lesbian affairs. Brit won’t ever come anywhere close to this. X-tina is not so much into running from relationship to relationship. She doesn’t pine for a man like Brit. It’s as if she doesn’t care whether she’s in a relationship or not but she has those tendencies that draw her to women at times. She appears to be very confident with her nasty self. So if you ask me, Christina comes the closest to the Madge. I’ve had it with Britney pining for a man. It seems that she has an ideal guy in mind which seems so shallow to me. This is evident when she starts the “he’s not my type” line. Very immature like a teenager. When true love comes, there’s no such thing as he’s not my type.

  4. frozen_fire says:

    What do you mean manufactured & marketed? Britney was never like that because she wrote most of the songs in her albums! She said to JIVE Records when she was asked to be more sexy & to show more skin she said that she never wants to be a sex icon for anyone, she just wants to express herself through music. Oh & what? Christina isn’t also a trend? I hate people who write anonymously & discriminates an artist obviously while putting up another one.

  5. Cicero says:

    1) Madonna chose Britney. So has the world. 2) Christina’s new image is MUCH more manufactured than Britney’s. Madonna was sincere when she was daring; Christina is putting up an act, and EVERYONE sees through it. If it’s dirty or controversial, Christina jumps at it and publicizes it. Very fake. 3) Madonna wasn’t known for her dancing.

  6. hellahooked says:

    I wouldn’t want Britney to be the next Madonna. Madonna is an old disgusting woman. Who the hell would roll around showing your underwear when your freaking 45 or something…. also kissing two girls who are half your age… now that’s just sick. Madonna is just sick!

  7. jimmypee says:

    Well, Christina’s actually BETTER than Madonna she’s not pathetic and desperate like Madonna, and she can actually sing. but still, she has far more similarities to Madonna than Britney does. that’s gotta suck for Britney…no matter how much she tries to copy Madonna, she’s still useless at doing it. she’s just a gutless fake little puppet Christina’s real, original and daring…shes a lot more, but those are the comparisons between her and Madonna.

  8. Mimi_Red says:

    OMG! This is the most intelligent factual essay EVER. I could not have said it better but it’s exactly true and I agree 200% Whoever wrote this article should have posted their name. He or She deserves applause. Christina will be around and IN YOUR FACE FOREVER people, get used to it!

  9. Marilyn says:

    The next Madonna? Of course it’s Christina – with the total package: great singer, great dancer, performer and entertainer. She is still the Voice and the new Madonna in my eyes. It’s because Christina seems to make everything, just wonderful and with SEX APPEAL as Madonna has throughout her career… CA just keeps getting better day after day. I am excited for her new album!! ::::CHRISTINA & MADONNA::::

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