The Over Hype Of Mimi? Think Again

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I am tired of people not giving artist’s props for the things that they are supposed to do as music artists, without resorting to act like everybody else. is one of those people. Somebody wrote that Mimi is over hyped, and that she acts like a diva all the time, etc. Well, sure, maybe she does act like a diva, but don’t all celebrities act like that? I mean c’mon, how many big time celebrities would rather do their own hair, fix themselves up, cook their own food, dress themselves in plain clothes, and buy normal cars that we drive everyday, rather than having people do all that for them, and wearing the most extravagant clothes as possible?

If you look behind the scenes of every celebrity, there is a “diva” in them. Just because you don’t see them act like it often doesn’t mean that they aren’t. I mean c’mon, MOST celebrities out there act as if they are kings and queens, why do you think they ask for special favors done for them everywhere they go, have extravagant clothes and an extravagant lifestyle, and at times ask for the most ridiculous things to be done for them (like having every jar be filled with blue and yellow M&M’s only, or having somebody do something as simple as tie their shoes for them) or else they will fire the people that broke their backs just to make sure that there is not a single thing that would make them angry.

So if you think Mariah is the only diva, you need to seriously look behind the scenes of other celebrities before you point at just one person. Now moving on, as for Mimi being hyped, well, why are you making a big deal about it? Usher was hyped, Britney Spears was hyped, Christina Aguilera was hyped, Jennifer Lopez was hyped, Eminem was hyped, Backstreet Boys were hyped, *NSYNC were hyped, Justin Timberlake was hyped, so many people were hyped! How can you complain about Mariah being hyped while so many other celebrities have been so hyped that people got tired of them (I am not going to name any celebrity’s names, maybe you can think of somebody).

I mean hello, when any celebrity has had a successful new album, they will get hyped! Is that something new to you? Or are you suddenly realizing that is part of the program? At least Mariah is being hyped for the right reasons. I mean look at Paris Hilton, that girl is VERY hyped, and for what? For doing nothing but being born into $$$$ and a family name, and pretty much making a fool of herself instead of making herself look like a more respected heiress that could have possibly done something more significant than acting like a bozo on television.

And Mariah has made a success this year over EOM, after being here for 15 years in the music business and still being successful, and just because people are actually giving her props you say that she’s over hyped? I mean damn, I can understand if you say that Paris Hilton is hyped. Or if you say J.Lo is hyped. Don’t get me wrong, I like her music, but the girl has no variety in her music whatsoever, and her acting and dancing is way over hyped and overrated. And Britney, her dancing is good, but it’s nothing spectacular, she dances off of taught dance moves, anybody can do that. Why can’t you people give props to people who actually do something that they’re actually good at?

Does it really hurt to give credit to those that don’t have to be an actress like J.Lo or a dancer like Britney? You don’t have to praise the girl, but jeez, give her credit when credit is due. She earned her success this year fair and square, you need to get over it. Mimi is not over hyped, the people who are overrated for doing nothing but sh** in a toilet, lip-synch to their fans, become famous off of a stupid TV show, and walk around barefooted are the ones that are over hyped.

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