The Pop Princess War Is Coming To An End

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YES! its still on and at the moment it is at a quiet stage but with releases and new material on its way, read the news and topics you can see that the eventual winner is about to show…. What am I talking about well I am talking about pop princesses of this world who dominate entertainment news and charts and I will now show you who the eventual queen is in a lot of bland little girls.

The four who all showed in 1998-1999 are Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson and Mandy Moore they are the people who have taken this battle to many length’s and tried (as many would say they don’t) to become the most dominant of all.

I believe that there are now only 2 left and others have given up on this war being overcome and have ventured off into different areas of entertainment, meaning and Mandy Moore have left the building waving there white flags….. Who does that leave?

In 1998 one of the biggest marketing machines ever to come upon the world was (as I like to call it) “Britney spears inc” we where attacked in every form from this little girls face, she had huge hits “including baby on more time” and “sometimes” and all the time thinking that we where seeing the artist Britney spears what we where all really seeing was a brand name/face that had the same influence the name coca-cola has over the taste of the drink itself – NONE!

Look closely and see a young girl with cute features, soft voice/groaning with a HUGE marketing agenda behind, in front and all around her making her seem to be an apparent “artist”

Look in any dictionary and u will find that an artist is some one who creates something i.e. a painter paints a picture, who’s the artist? The painter, therefore we can easily say that Britney is the picture and her marketing team are the artist’s.

If you didn’t understand this then ill put it into simple form for you – doesn’t write music or create the idea’s for the music video’s , the voice that is left behind from complete and utter digitalization you could hardly say is still human, PLANNED media stunts (example the first wedding) , make-up and clothing all chosen for you and every magazine cover, merchandise idea ,album cover and act all set up created and retouched for you – that must make for an easy job as a artist loll.

With a another princess on her way let us all see hope in 1999’s Grammy winner for best new artist Christina Aguilera , the release of her eponymously-titled debut album, with its string of consecutive chart toppers, including “Genie In A Bottle” and “What A Girl Wants.” It was a feat she would repeat the following year with Mi Reflejo, the smash Spanish language version of her debut, followed by her hit holiday release, My Kind Of Christmas.

Ten million plus albums, a Grammy win for Best New Artist and a marathon round of world touring later, Christina began to fearlessly break free from the mass media mask that hid her true self, and the full scope of her talent.

I felt trapped,” she admits. “I was under the thumb of people who were mostly interested in keeping me doing exactly the same thing. But I’m not blaming anyone,” she’s quick to add. “You learn fast in this business and, once I knew where I wanted to go, I didn’t let anyone get in my way.”

And that she did this WOMEN has now gone and released an album that not a lot of people wanted to admit “stripped” is a genesis’s creation, and that genius being the ARTIST Christina Aguilera.

She was on her way for a long time – “I’m driven,” is Christina’s frank admission. “Even in the midst of touring, I was thinking about what my next album would be, writing bits and pieces of songs in journals and scrapbooks.”

While she wasn’t realizing but kept in the spotlight with super power hits “lady marmalade she was quietly laying the groundwork for a musical manifesto that would change all the rules.

She is the breath of fresh air that has now become what the pop audience wants, she showed up with a marketing team behind her in 1999, got the public appeal, but I think what kept interest in this girl was the look in her eyes and the hints she would give that there is more to this pop industry than over produced media stunts and tricks, she showed a voice beyond most and honesty that put us in our places but most of all showed us there is a talent out there with a voice, mind, beauty and creative spirit and damn she letting us know about it!

Watch out world you are now seeing the a real artist coming to the forefront you have now chosen via sales and chart positions that you would prefer a real person rather than a brand name – and congratulations

with the release of Christina Aguilera’s new album coming very shortly, it will put the final stake in the rest of the bland bimbo’s coffins when she will finally take her crown as the winner of this war!

After that album release with the public now showing more interest in her via SALES (and check it out stripped has out sold in the zone) it will no longer be Christina v Britney it will be Christina v all the artist who will follow her path and how she did it , the hard way and thank you Christina for showing us what the music industry is all about doing it properly and having real talent for it rather than a marketing machine – good bye Britney inc and hello Christina and the legend that she is creating.

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