The Problem With *NSYNC Fans

Contributed anonymously:

What the heck is wrong with you *NSYNC fans? I have noticed that *NSYNC fans have been comparing Justin and JC. Justin fans claim that JC’s album keeps getting pushed back because it will not sell as well as Justin’s. JC fans claim that Justin’s music is unoriginal and as some of you have so eloquently put it “Justin Sucks” (Which is not true at all).

Stop comparing Justin and JC! They are in the same damn group! I love *NSYNC and I think JC has a great voice, he is a better singer than Justin (even though I like Justin more), but JC needs to get a good PR Machine! All of you can call Justin a media whore or whatever, but he has good PR and his album sold well. I am going to support JC and I will continue to support Justin and any other member of *NSYNC.

It’s pretty sad that *NSYNC fans are doing this. As much as I dislike most of the Backstreet Boys fans on this site, they don’t put the members of the Backstreet Boys against each other. By putting Justin and JC against each other, you make *NSYNC fans look really bad.

If you all were REAL *NSYNC fans, you would not put the *NSYNC members against each other! You would be happy for all of them.
Come on, you guys are annoying me more than Backstreet Boys fans! And that’s bad!

All I’m saying is that Justin and JC are in the same group and they don’t compete with each other, so why do you keep putting them against one another? It’s pathetic.

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