The Real Christina Aguilera

I’ve been going through the comments that people have been making towards Christina Aguilera and I realize that some people say this new image is a contradiction of her last. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth; the image she presented was boldly overdone with the chaps and super mini skirts. She was just trying too hard to get her point across that women are treated differently than men in society, when she was in interviews saying this is the “real” me I don’t think she was referring to her lack of clothes, but rather where she was emotionally and artistically, the songs she offered on Stripped were very personal and had depth.

I mean no one can walk around all the time in chaps, mini skirt, and super short shorts all the time. She hasn’t really changed just cleaned it up a little. She has even said herself that she doesn’t get how the media is portraying her to be a good girl just because she has a lighter hair color and it’s weird that they are claiming to be the new bad girl of pop music. So the “new” Christina isn’t really new at all just a different side of the one we already know.

That’s what keeps her interesting, her ability to change and surprise everybody. I mean who ever would have thought that the same girl who was an Oscar nominee would a year later make the cheesy but infectious single “Genie In A Bottle” and then 4 years later be an award-winning singer, a songwriter, composer, producer, spokeswoman, and campaign model.

F.Y.I. She was nominated for the Oscar Best Song From A Movie, for Mulan in ’98.

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