The Real Reason I Don’t Like Britney Spears

Contributed Anonymously:

The first thing I have to say is that I am a Christina Aguilera and fan. I own both of their albums and think that they are amazing. I am not a fan of Britney Spears, but I do own ‘In The Zone’. So here’s my opinion on these three artists. Read on if you are not a Britney-crazed maniac and can handle MY opinion on her.

I am constantly getting tired of all the crap posted on Popdirt about Christina Aguilera or and it doesn’t surprise me that 98.9% of this trash is coming from immature Britney Spears fans. I mainly like artists based on their talent, attitudes, kindness and sometimes looks. But if someone has a painfully bad voice, I will not pretend as if that is not true and insult someone with an amazing voice. It seems that some Britney fans can’t accept the fact that Christina’s voice is powerful and amazing. So they go for her style and attitude and even looks. Christina is unique and wild and sexy with her style, and many people like those provocative and sexy clothes. She wears what she wants because she doesn’t give a crap about what others think and that makes her style that much sexier. Another thing is that Christina may be bitchy at times but she never excuses herself for her actions or words, something that Britney has done many times before. And you need a serious reality check if you believe Christina is not beautiful. She has beautiful eyes, a curvaceous body, a beautiful smile and great face features. Christina’s album is also incredible. There is no specific genre and her vocals shine in every way. Not to mention the meaning of her lyrics.

Now, moving on to Britney. I am not talking out of my ass because I have In The Zone and all I have to say is it is horrible, the vocals were killing my ears and the songs seemed like such bubblegum pop.I used to like her back in her Baby one more time phase. (I do like MATM and Breathe on Me though.) What is even worse is that she considers herself hip hop.I never thought someone could say something dumber than Jessica Simpson. Britney always lies to her fans, doesn’t even have the “balls” to sing live to them, and tries to play the victim in the Justin/Britney relationship. I am a huge fan too. His voice is beautiful and different from all other soul singers and his music is danceable, emotional, and sexual. His lyrics are very beautiful and not to mention he is amazingly hot and sexy. It is a little more than obvious that Britney was unfaithful to Justin and that is why I also don’t like her. All he did was love her and though it is not my business, it still matters to me and I can say whatever I want about it. Also, yes, Christina is very real and like I said is not ashamed of what she says. Britney, on the other hand, is scared of speaking for herself and when she does she just makes things worse my coming up with a lame and immature comeback. Christina is scary!? come on, Britney, grow up! The more she talks, the more damage she is doing to herself. From Justin to Christina to her lies, Britney is slowly making herself detestable. So Britney fans, please stop praising her like she’s perfect and so innocent by dissing Christina and Justin, because she is more to blame than them.

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