The Reason I Like Britney Spears Over Christina Aguilera

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Let me tell you its not that I don’t like or her music, I think she’s a great artist, but for some reason, she always finds a way to bring down, and when you have this happening, it just tells you a lot about the artist that becomes the attacker. Britney has not once insulted or brought down any artist. That’s called being humble, respectful and keeping your mouth shut when you should. And you know what; even if Christina was misquoted at TRL. She’s gone out and bashed not only Britney, but also Pink and Jessica Simpson in major publications. Go and ask a psychologist what it means when people do this.

So Christina might have a more powerful voice, but powerful voice in the state of today’s music industry (pop division, lol) doesn’t really determine your popularity or how big you are, neither do the Grammy you might have at home. Being able to tour the world, sell out arenas, sell $30 million in merchandise in 45 days and continue endorsing products over and over again for millions of dollars and still after 5 years have the paparazzi and the media be totally obsessed about you, that’s BUSINESS, that’s POPULARITY, that’s BRITNEY. Whether that is a good or bad thing, that’s up to each individual to decide.

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One thought on “The Reason I Like Britney Spears Over Christina Aguilera

  1. lol says:

    Wait, did I just hear someone say that looks is more important than TALENT? Wow, just wow…

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