Mariah Carey ‘The Remixes’ Has Been Promoted In The US

Contributed by StayGoneBeautiful:

This is in response to the ‘Remixes’ article by Anonymous. Sony Music has promoted—and still is promoting ‘The Remixes’. I’ve seen two different commercials on BET, MTV, The Box, VH1 and other various music channels no less than ten times each since October 4, 2003. Most radio stations are carrying a special promo for the new album, and a representative of Columbia says that posters for the album will begin appearing in densely-populated urban areas on Friday. So, to say that Sony is trying to sabotage the album is nothing more than a hasty generalization, and furthermore, the Columbia rep said Sony would have been overstepping its boundaries by doing heavy promotions. It was decided that Mariah herself and her team would do most of the promoting. ‘The Remixes’ was actually a joint venture between Def Jam and Columbia.

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5 thoughts on “Mariah Carey ‘The Remixes’ Has Been Promoted In The US

  1. mikemc says:

    A LOT of stores are selling out of “The REmixes”, I’ve read multiple stories that stores in New Jersey, New York, and California were sold out in the first day of release. And at the Target in Tallahassee, where I live, it was sold out in it’s second day of release.

  2. ballersfantasy says:

    What’s the point of putting up posters today when the album went on sale Tuesday? They should of done that last Friday. Anyway, Mariah herself did not promote the album enough in the US. I don’t blame her since she is overseas. I went to the store today to try to buy it, but the store clerk said they “sold out”. I find that very hard to believe but whatever. I did hear the album would only appear at a limited amount of stores, so that could be the case.

    Oh really? It was sold out at a Target here in Houston too.

  3. SJ says:

    ‘The Remixes’ was sold-out at Sam Goody and Target in San Bernardino, California!

  4. weebongo says:

    What’s the point of promoting this it’s going to be a huge bomb like the rest of Mariah’s recent albums. It’s already a flop all over Europe. They’re wasting their money Mariah is a dead horse. This would be like spending millions and millions to promote a Debbie Gibson album. No matter how much they spend advertising it no one is going to buy the crap.

  5. NJHottie24 says:

    Since when is Charmbracelet a failure. I’m still trying to figure this one out. According to MonarC the record has reached slightly over 4 times platinum. You gotta get your facts straight.

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