The Roots of Madonna’s Lesbianism Revealed

The New York Daily News reports an ex lesbian lover of Madonna, Ingrid Casares, is detailing the formation of their sapphic relationship in Barbara Victor’s Madonna bio, “Goddess”. Casares says “In the beginning we told ourselves that we were experimenting and practicing so that when we actually kissed a boy, we wouldn’t be so inexperienced.”

Rosie O’Donnell Cracks On Madonna

October 17, 2001 – Boze Hadleigh’s has updated her book “Hollywood and Whine” to include the following quote from Rosie O’Donnell who says, “How do you bond with Madonna? What do you say to her, ‘Hello, I have a vibrator’?”

This Little Piggy Goes To Madonna

October 16, 2001 – The Scottish Daily Record reports U.K. rocker Aphex Twin told the paper he almost got Madonna to make “stupid noises. . . just grunts, moans and pig impersonations” on his upcoming album, Drukqs, due out October 23.

AT says she almost agreed to do it but that she backed out at the last minute, “Maybe she would have done it, but at the time she was more concerned with her next single.”

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