The Saturdays ‘Ego’ Video Behind The Scenes

Frankie Sandford says The Saturdays' music video for 'Ego' is the most exciting one they've done so far are out with behind the scenes footage on the set of their ‘Ego’ music video, featuring commentary from the British girl group as they get the sexy superhero treatment.

“It’s the most exciting I’ve been about a video and it’s been amazing so far,” says in the clip.

Mollie King behind the scenes shooting The Saturdays' 'Ego' music video“Each of us girls is like a different superhero, so we each have different powers and so it’s just so much fun,” Mollie King said. “It’s really like getting into a character and loads of acting.”

“We really wanted to play on the word ego, so me and the girls were like we’d love to be superheroes,” Rochelle said. “We kind of asked directors for the best superhero treatment they had and then we had to change a few bits and made it good for us. It’s gonna be amazing. I’ve been watching the other girls on set and they just look amazing. I haven’t done my bit yet but hopefully I’ll look as good as they do.”

Rochelle Wiseman talks about being superheroes for The Saturdays music video for 'Ego'Talking about the superhero theme, Frankie observed, “I think they’re becoming a cool thing as well, comic books and stuff were always said to be quite geeky, but not anymore.”

Talking about the fictional aspect of the clip, Una Healy explained, “This is the first time we’ve done a fictional storyline, and we’re all like fictional characters and we get to be in character. which is the first for us to do, because we’ve never done this before, so it’s really interesting. I think it’s gonna be really nice to see how it will turn out as well. Usually you have an idea but I think it will be some after effects gone into as well, so when we see it for the first time back, it will be a lot different than we felt as it was being shot.”

Una Healy talks about dealing with rain while shooting The Saturdays' music video for 'Ego'Talking about weather difficulties on the set, Una said, “If you look closely, it’s actually been drizzling nearly all night. At one point, it rained, proper rain. Obviously we have a time limit here tonight and myself and Frankie had to shoot our scene on the car, our close-ups, and it was raining. The thing is, rain, if it was like meant to look like it’s raining, people would mix a little bit of milk with the water to make it look like rain. rain you can’t actually see, so we were there doing our shots and it was actually raining, and I was up on the car and I was really getting wet and really cold. So when you see the video, I want you to know I was there and I was getting really wet and freezing, so it’s not all as glamorous as you think it is.”

Watch the clip below.

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