The Saturdays ‘Headlines’ TV Ad Behind The Scenes

The Saturdays 'Headlines'

are seen working hard on the set of their new TV advertisement for ‘Headlines’ in a new YouTube video. Rochelle Wiseman talked fans through the highlights of their week, including a headline performance at Rochester Castle, while Mollie King strutted her stuff in front of the cameras and an unsuspecting Vanessa White falls victim to a ‘wee’ nasty surprise.

“I just forgot the lyrics to ‘Ego’, which I’m very ashamed of,” Mollie confessed in the video. “Frankie had to come and remind me. I think it was the setting and I got a bit overwhelmed. I was in the mood that I was doing this cool thing and thinking I was Britney, and then the words shot out of my head.”

Watch the behind the scenes footage below.

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