The Spice Girls DON’T Cancel Buenos Aires Show

“The would like to make it clear that they have not cancelled their Buenos Aires show,” a statement reads from the group reads. “A story has appeared on several websites that includes a fake email and competition from the girls. The fake email claims that due to the demand so far in the UK and the US this show is going to be cancelled. The email goes onto say that they will be running some competitions for their South American fans to travel to the UK to watch a show. This is not the case and this email is 100% unofficial and has nothing to so with the Spice Girls.”

The Spice Girls sent out the following email to fans that signed up for tickets to their Buenos Aires reunion show, which was scheduled to take place January 24th:

Hi there!

First of all, we would like to thank all our fans who bought our Greatest Hist Album, it’s doing great!

As you know, the demand for our concert tickets in the USA and the UK has been really overwhelming. So, in order to meet that demand, it’s not possible for us to keep extending the tour because of our solo projects and family obligations. That means we are unable to hold a concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We’re incredibly sorry for the delay in making this annoucement, but we have been really trying to fit this date in our schedule.

To make this up for you all, we’ll be having some great competitions for our South American fans. The lucky winners will attend one of our London shows (flight and accomodation included!) and will receive an All Access Pass! Isn’t that MAJOR?

Keep checking for news on rehearsals and exclusive contents!

Best Wishes

Emma, Geri, Mel B, Melanie C, and Victoria


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  1. cao says:

    the spice grls rock!

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