The Ting Tings Fun With Paint

performed an exclusive free gig for their fans in their hometown of Manchester on February 27th. The venue was an all white space and every fan who attended the gig was given a full white adidas Originals tracksuit. The duo, armed with paint guns, invited fans to interact creatively with paints and pens, covering the entire venue with an explosion of color and creating a music and art spectacle – a living and breathing mural.

“When you walk in the room, you’re really taken aback by it,” Jules De Martino said. “Because we white everything out for this so we get color on the wall and notice it.” He added, “You feel the audience whether they respond to it or not. If they don’t, there’d be limited artwork on the walls and that might be fantastic as well. And if they go crazy and the whole thing because a paintfest, that would be fantastic too.” Watch the video below.

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