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A common argument against most of the pop singers on this site is that they are not original, and that they have simply copied the style of someone who came before them. Well this is what happens in the music industry, you grow up listening to someone’s music and the style is in the back of your mind no matter what. They take the music of the past which inspired them and built upon it. But, I don’t think they copy styles because they have no originality of their own, I think it is just the way it has always been.

Start with people like Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson or Hilary Duff who are said to be carbon copies of early Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears music.

Then Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears, who some say have taken their style from Madonna.

Then you have Madonna who has said a lot of her style came from Janis Joplin and Marlene Dietrich.

Janis Joplin has said she took a lot of her music from Billie Holiday.

Billie Holiday has a very owes homage to Bessie Smith for her style.

So what’s the point of this opinion? Just that in almost every forum here I have seen at least one person say about an artist “well she just ripped it off from….” or “She just completely copied her”. I find these sorts of arguments to be pointless, because all singers have copied (a least in part) a singer who came before them.

Also, part of the reason I’m writing this opinion is to see what others think, because I find it interesting to see why people feel differently than me and what their feedback will be. However, (even though I doubt saying this will make any difference) I don’t know where you are coming from (and neither does anyone else) if you don’t explain why you do or do not agree (if you just come up with those tedious juvenile comments completely void of meaning) it kind of takes away the point of a forum.

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