The True Voice Within

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I am a fan, and I must admit, because I am mature and honest and don’t hate/lie on other entertainers or artists, that Christina Aguilera can sing. Now, it seems to me that the Christina fans are taking this a *little* out of hand and being big-headed. There’s nothing wrong with that, because I love Brit like that too. But just because you have ‘the voice’, doesn’t make you talented. Christina was BORN with that voicebox. You can’t buy/achieve it.

Now many people are saying that Britney can’t sing. Britney doesn’t have to be able to have Christina’s voice to be able to ‘sing.’

Everyones’ voice is different and unique, and when you say that whoever doesn’t sing like Christina or Mariah sucks, it’s like saying that if you don’t look like Jennifer Lopez, you shouldn’t be able to wear short jeans/shirts. It’s ridiculous.

Britney has a soulful voice. Yeah she may not use it a lot, but she has it.

I’m going to be the big person, and say that both of these artists are amazing in their own way, and can sing. These are two performers who wanted the same dream, so you shouldn’t hate on any of them.

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10 thoughts on “The True Voice Within

  1. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    I’m not saying that compared to Christina or Kelly Clarkson or Mariah Carey or whoever that Britney can’t sing! I’m saying that she can’t sing because I’ve taken voice for MANY MANY years, I know about technique, I know what a good voice sounds like! For an 8 year old, you’re right, Britney can sing. For a 22 year old….SHE CAN’T! Her chords are weak, her technique is all off, and her vibrato is all over the charts….and lets not forget that whole NEVER sings live thing…..and don’t tell me it’s cause she dances! Many people sing and dance at the same time…. PLUS, I’ve seen her dance live, and there’s not that much big movement that would throw her off. I appreciate the maturity, but a true talent IS born with a voice of gold! Granted, some people take lessons to learn how to use it best, to it’s potential, fully….. But, having been around a little bit, and having heard MANY singers in my time, you don’t take lessons and in time GET a voice of gold. If you go in not being able to sing, they might be able to help you hear pitch problems or help fix vibrato issues, but they can’t MAKE you a good singer! They can help make it BETTER, but you’ll never be totally “fixed”! THis is why I have a problem with what you said! I’m glad that you said it the WAY you did…..but I can’t agree with you knowing what I do! “But just because you have ‘the voice’, doesn’t make you talented.” This sentence just does NOT make any sense at ALL! Like I said, I’m not comparing Britney to anyone when I say that she can’t sing! I’ve heard her live voice, and while there is some potential to be an ok voice, she’ll NEVER be truely GOOD! I’m not one who just talks out of my ass to hear myself….. I just don’t want you to think that all of us “haters” are evil, judgmental twits who have no idea what we are talking about! When I speak, I have SOMETHING to back it up!

  2. meteora says:

    Oh Jesus Christ, would you guys get the ***** over Britney VS Christina war? How many people are going to post essays like this one and try to prove that Christina is better than Britney or the other way around? We all know Christina is much more talented and better overall, while Britney is a dumbass Please Stop it

  3. Xandrew88 says:

    I’m glad that you have the balls to not act like a complete idiot. You did explain yourself really well and your MATURE. But like I said, just because you have ‘the voice’ doesn’t mean that your extremely talented. Christina was lucky. I CAN’T sing at all, so I have no right to tell anyone that they can’t sing/sound like a monkey/insert stupid crap here. If Brit could focus more on her voice, it’ll be great. She really has a soulful voice. Britney focuses more on her dancing when she performs, so she forgets the singing. Telling Britney to stop dancing is like telling Mariah and Christina to stop hitting those high-notes.

  4. Jive says:

    I agree. Britney doesn’t have the voice like Christina and Mariah, but she sings I’m not a girl live and it doesn’t sound that bad. She can sing, if you see her home videos when she was young and to be honest, her voice was strong back then in comparison to Christina. Just look at the Star Search videos. Her voice is now weak and a little shaky. She doesn’t have the confidence to sing like Christina and Mariah, who knows how to sing like a diva. She gets nervous a lot when singing which makes her voice sounds bad. If she works on it, she probably will sound better. I don’t believe that a voice is born but made. Some people just need some help in order to update their voice. That’s why there is singing lessons.

  5. AliciaMoore says:

    You’re right (well onviously you know that cause you know a lot about this), I don’t think that Britney can sing either, Christina is a much better singer, and passing it off as ‘ well she was born with it that’s it’ is like saying ‘well she was born with those looks that’s it’….if you go there then no one would ever be praised for their beauty and talent….at the same time, I think that both Britney and Christina have worked extremely hard to get where they are today (regardless of their talent)….they have put in the hours, worked their asses off since they were little and so they both totally deserve to be where they are today.

  6. rachel says:

    Agreed that Britney sounds like a cat being choked. As a singer/vocalist myself I find it very insulting that anyone will call that biatch a singer. Her voice is less than mediocre and there are many people in the population who have better voices. She is making million taking her clothes off and showing her nauseating white sometimes chunky body.

  7. pitts9x6 says:

    if Britney is not a good singer then y is she ranked higher than Christina. I am a huge Britney fan and recently became a Christina fan and I have to admitt the voice the Christina has got is way beyond stunning! but Christina doesn’t dance. I went to a concert of hers 3 weeks ago and she just runs. Britney dances to keep the crowd interested. Britney has a good body. its toned and really good. Christina is just thin with not much tone. Britney concerts HAVE WAYYYY MORE SPECIAL EFFECTS THAN CHRISTINA’S. NO-ONE (NOT EVEN THE BEST CHRISTINA FAN) CAN DENY THAT AND U KNOW IT. BRITNEY IS LIKE THE QUEEN OF BEST CONCERTS. AND WHO WOULD WANNA HEAR LOUD GASPING 4 AIR WHEN UR TIRED AND DANCING. LIPSYNCING IS OK. AND ALSO EVERY SAYS HER VOICE IS ALL COMPUTERIZED. I MEAN C’MON SHE DOES ALL THE BASIC THINGS. THE COMPUTER DOESN’T ADD NOTES. IT JUST MAKES IT SOUND BETTER. CHRISTINA GETS IT 2. U THINK THAT HER “WHOLE” VOICE IS A COMPUTER. IT CANNOT ENHANCE IT 2 THAT EXTENT. I’VE BEEN TO A RECORDING STUDIO

  8. AliciaMoore says:

    totally true…Christina has the voice of gold, and Brit’s the reigning queen of’, ‘great choreography and performances….plus the thing that no one seems to be mentioning is that most performers lipsynch suring performances (do you have any idea how hard it is to sing when you’re about to pass out from dancing and running your ass off?) Almost every one does this and like you said its not like she is lipsynching on her albums, just on stage.

  9. keking says:

    I don’t know about some of you but when I go to a concert I’d expect the performer to sing “live” and showcase her/his voice…the dancing part is not really important unless it’s “Michael Jackson”, now this guy can really dance…a great performer doesn’t need tons of special effects for people to enjoy it. I admit Britney can dance but it’s a rip off from Michael/Janet..there’s none there that I haven’t already seen and if she’s going to lipsynch then what’s the point of having a concert at all?

  10. hello says:

    Britney can’t sing ;) It’s not because I hate her or something, she seems very nice. But it’s clear to me that she can’t sing, her voice is to soft and she never sings live, so what does he has to hide?

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