‘The Truman Show’ Based On Michael Jackson

Contributed by justice-prevailed: Peter Weir in an interview, revealed the the 1998 movie, ‘The Truman Show’ was based on Michael Jackson. “You watch The Truman Show and, I mean, Jim Carrey did a fantastic job, but is Truman. He’s who I based him on and he is the nearest thing to Truman.” Weir also says the movie ‘Simone’ was based on Michael. “And Michael Jackson, he is also the real life Victor in ‘Simone’. He had a talent and all he wanted was to share this and bring people happiness and escapism through entertainment. And people turn it around, they make it about the individual rather than the creation. It is the actual films, the actual music – that’s what it’s all about… People lose sight of this and the media make it all about the celebrity.”

Note: Since this item has been cited by wikipedia, it should be noted this was a user submitted article by a user who linked to their own – now defunct – web site.

Spend Spend Spends

October 27, 2002 – Blender magazine profiles the current financial struggles Michael finds himself in for their November issue. His big spending has gone on for a long time, as Jackson manager DiLeo explained. “We made a ton of money on the Bad tour,” DiLeo said of the 80’s tour. But Michael was spending it as fast as he was making it. He would have private jets fly his friends, stars and just hangers-on to wherever we were performing. I think he made $40 million, but he probably spent $40 million.”

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