The Truth About ‘In The Zone’s’ Poor Sales

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The new HitsDailyDouble sales chart is in and I thought I’d use it to put some things straight, as many fans here seem to be very misguided when it comes to her sales, especially in comparison to Christina Aguilera’s.

Britney’s ‘In The Zone’ this week dropped to #33, selling about 27,500. Christina Aguilera’s ‘Stripped’ is outside the top 100 now, but still selling, according to Soundscan, about 5-10,000 per week.

The SoundScan totals for both albums, prior to this week, are:

‘In The Zone’ – 2,409,867
‘Stripped’ – 3,644,944

At the rate the two albums are currently selling (and remember, bar the odd week like Easter, ‘In The Zone’s’ sales are constantly decreasing, but we’ll ignore that temporarily), it will take roughly 64 weeks for it to merely CATCH UP with ‘Stripped’ (Calculation: ‘Stripped’s’ sales minus ‘In The Zone’s’ sales, divided by, ‘In The Zone’s’ weekly sales minus ‘Stripped’s’ weekly sales, AND SO: 3,644,944 – 2,436,867 / 27,500 – 7,500 = about 62).

And that is only if ‘In The Zone’s’ can sustain its current sales for another 14 months. It doesn’t take a genius, or even a Britney fan, to realize that ‘In The Zone’s’ will not be in the top 40, selling 27,000 copies per week, for 14 more months, into Jun 2005. ‘In The Zone’s’ will not come close to ‘Stripped’s’ sales, despite the overall sales in the music industry this year increasing from last year’s.

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One thought on “The Truth About ‘In The Zone’s’ Poor Sales

  1. BrtineyLover says:

    idiot In The Zone was released after stripped and even with stripped released before in the zone still sold more. get your facts right

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