The Truth About Victoria Beckham’s Surgery

Contributed anonymously:

is said to be turning into Michael Jackson, here I will reveal the truth about her plastic surgery as stated by a leading plastic Surgeon on “Victoria Beckham’s Secrets”.

1) The Nose, the nose has not been completely redone, as pictures show; she’s had it make a smaller and the point by taking skin out of the nostrils. This has given it a more nicer finish and looks a lot better than the piggy nose she had before.

2) The Breasts, Her ex-boyfriend is certainly adamant that she has had plastic surgery to enhance her chest and the pictures, before and after and definite signs. When she lost such a tremendous amount of weight her breasts only seemed to increase in size, and although I do really like her, they do look ridiculous. Also no woman without plastic surgery will be able to have such perfect breasts I her 30s and already having 2 children. She’s either been doing her, “I must, I must control my bust” exercises or it’s been the doctors that have helped.

3) Cheekbones, You may or you may not have noticed that the former Spice Girl’s cheekbones have been in enhanced during her lucrative time in the public eye, they are now much bigger and pronounced.

4)Teeth, the most fantastic teeth in the world, are definitely fake, they have changed incredibly, but she’s had it done very slowly to not let it show so much.

5)Lips, They are now bigger, she has had them done for sure, but so do most female celebs.

This all is estimated to of come to the price of £20,000, and that concludes my Victoria Beckham “surgery”.

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2 thoughts on “The Truth About Victoria Beckham’s Surgery

  1. alm81 says:

    I would say for sure she’s had a breast augmentation. Besides that though, I don’t know if the rest of it is true. I always wondered why she never got her teeth fixed, when she has the money to do it. So if she did finally have her teeth done, then that’s good.

  2. chrissycat says:

    everything about her is fake. her music is awful, and seriously, if I have a wife who sulks all day, I would be looking at someone else.

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