The Veronicas Begin Writing Third Album, Plot Side Project

of updated fans on the Brisbane twins’ blog at MySpace (@theveronicas) on Tuesday (May 5), talking about the tour and a follow-up to their second album ‘Hook Me Up’. Jess writes:

The shows so far have been amazing. Lis and I were not prepared for how many of you guys have come out to our shows! Insane.. so cool. You all make me tingle in my special bits. Talking of tingling.. I had the most amazing dream last night.. It started with Jack White sitting next to me on a plane.. and ended with a ‘Shane’ lookalike trying to get on with me. hahaha.. I woke up, and all that was there was Lis. Bummer. hahaha.

Lis and I are starting to write ideas for the third record while on the road. Im excited. I love this record, but I’m ready to create new music for The Veronicas. Lis and I are thinking about starting a side project together too.. No one else involved but us..we’ll see :)

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