The Veronicas Check In From ‘Weirdsville’ And ‘Stupidsville’

Lisa and Jess Origliasso of The Vernonicas check in from a place that sounds like Weirdsville, talking about the release of their CD 'Hook Me Up' checked in with fans on their YouTube channel, claiming they were in the middle of nowhere in a place that sounds like “Weirdsville” and another the sounds like “Stupidsville”, which is likely Weirton, West Virginia and Steubenville, Ohio respectively.

The Brisbane twins hyped the release of their second album ‘Hook Me Up’ in the U.S., in stores today. They also complained about no restaurants being in the area and having nothing to eat.

“Hey guys, so Jess and I are here in the middle of nowhere,” Lisa explained. “Jessie said that the place sounds like, we’re in Weirdsville, and it’s next to Stupidsville.”

Jess then jumped in and said, “I don’t actually know what the place is called, but it sounds like Weirdsville, and apparently we’re next to a place that sounds like Stupidsville. No disrespect to either of the cities or the ville’s or whatever.”

“We were actually told 100%, do not say that,” Lisa said before adding that she had exciting news. “The CD release in America! It’s called ‘Hook Me Up’! It’s so amazing.”

Watch the clip below.

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