The Veronicas Expectations For ‘Hook Me Up’ In The U.S.

MTV Buzzworthy caught up with Lisa and Jessica Origliasso of The Veronicas, where the Brisbane twins talke about how with ‘Hook Me Up’ being a big hit in Australia, what are they expecting fur its U.S. release. “In Australia, our first album went four-times platinum,” Jess said. “It was massive. We didn’t have expectations, I guess, for the second record, even over there. It was a little bit of a different sound, it was a little bit of a risk. We’re just really lucky that Australian fans loved it, and it actually grasped an even bigger fanbase than the first album.” Proving the twins share the same brain, Jess added, I guess over here we just want to get our music out there and hope that people…”, prompting Lisa to finish for her with, “Can relate to it and get something from it.” Read more.

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