The Veronicas’ Gameplan To Get Another International Shot

checked in with their MySpace (@theveronicas) friends on Friday (January 11) with the following bulletin:


We have received A LOT off comments from fans around the world – mainly from the U.S.A and the U.K about when we will come and tour again, and to get a move on!! Etc etc haha!! Now OF COURSE we would love to come tour there!! It would absolutely make our year, but unfortunately for us – its not always our decision. The big shots at ‘the top’ are the ones who need to be told so they get off their asses! And start actually letting us come back over there to release some music! lol!

SO. Here’s our plan.. And we need your guys help! If everyone who wants to see the Veronicas tour in their city or wants to hear The Veronicas on the their radio station

– CALLS up their local radio station and requests us.. even if they don’t know who we are.. then the word will start to get around!

You can say – I want to hear THE VERONICAS song ‘HOOK ME UP’, or ‘UNTOUCHED’!

Get ALL your friends to do it… Even your annoying little sis or bro.. Even your neighbor.. EVEN your parents.. Boyfriend, girlfriend, enemies.. Best friends, dogs, cats.. Whoever guys!! Just get as many people to bug them to play us.. And I promise we’ll be back there touring in no time haha.

Oh and feel free to write or call Warner Brothers in your state and tell them you want to SEE and HEAR more Veronicas where you live!! :)

– Call a million times if you want too lol.. The more you annoy them the better.. hahaha

And lastly.. If anyone is super bored and wants to make banners with the numbers of any stations where you live to start posting around, then we will personally kiss you if we ever meet hahaha!

Lots of looovvve… xxxxxxx

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