The Veronicas Spend A Day In Las Vegas

Lisa Origliasso of The Veronicas checks in with an update in Las Vegas after doing a GQ photo shoot checked in with a video update from Las Vegas, where the Brisbane twins flew in for the day from Cincinnati for a photoshoot for GQ magazine. The girls dined with a male friend, spending big on a bottle of Cristal before playing some blackjack. Very tired, the pop duo heading to the airport, returning to Cincinnati.

“So it’s a beautiful morning, 6 in the morning. Can you believe it? We’re up and we’re flying to Vegas baby,” Lisa said. “So we’re pretty stoked actually. We’re actually doing a photo shoot for GQ magazine today. We’ve left the boys. We’ve left the bus behind and it’s a mess and it’s time to party. We’re gonna party up before our photo shoot, we’re staying at a hotel and we’re getting massages.”

After the photo shoot, Lisa said, “It was really really cool. We had so much We had the best stylist, best photographer. It was like a Beatles Revolution Love theme. It was awesome.”

Watch footage below.

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