The Veronicas Visit Sirius Satellite Radio

Jess and Lisa Origliasso of The Veronicas at Sirius appeared on Sirius Satellite Radio in New York City, promoting ‘Untouched’. Jess and Lisa Origliasso talked about the biggest culture shock for them coming to America was the toilets and the people, while Jess admitted it feels awkward having people star at her going to a club being a bit of a celebrity. Lisa said there’s more hard work involved with what they do than the glitz and glamor of travelling.

“I went to a bar recently and there were probably a hundred people sitting their literally standing there watching what I was doing,” Jess explained. “It was really awkward. It’s hard because you just kinda want to blend in a little and everyone’s got their camera phones out and videoing what you’re doing.”

Watch the interview highlights below.

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