The Wanted Call Christina Aguilera A Bitch… But Was She For Good Reason?

sounded off on for their encounter with the singer during their appearance on ‘The Voice’, letting New York’s Now FM know that they think she’s a “bitch”. Tom Parker, a member of the British boy band, told the radio station, “She’s a total bitch. She might not be a bitch in real life, but to us, she was a total bitch. She just sat there and didn’t speak to us. Wouldn’t even look at us.”

The interview at has since been removed.

Meanwhile, a person claiming to work on the NBC show painted a different story about an arrogant and rude group who made insulting remarks to Christina, angering her and fellow judge Adam Levine of Maroon 5. HelixK writes at

Both Christina and Adam did NOT like them at all. The guy named Tom in the band asked Christina if she felt more beautiful now that she lost all that weight? We were all shocked! She didn’t quite hear the whole question and asked her assistant if she heard what he said? But then Max jumped in and said “She is beautiful no matter what you say” in mocking kind of way. Christina’s boyfriend Matt Rutler was also backstage and didn’t like what he was hearing. Finally Christina said, “You boys better calm down and focus on yourselves.” She walked off really mad when Tom came out and told her not to worry and that “Britney still needs to work on her looks too for X Factor. It must be all those drugs she is on.” Christina was so mad!

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