There Is No Double Standard

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I’m sorry but this comment that a fan said pissed me off. It was about her “Dirrty” video. They said that if a guy made that video they would have gotten applauded but if a girl did they would have gotten scolded. That is 100% false. I think that it depends on the people. Rappers make very nasty videos, but because they are rappers they get away with it. It has nothing to do with being a male, because even look at Lil’ Kim’s videos. She is just as bad as every male rapper when it comes to sex. I think it’s because Christina was innocent before and came out with a new image, and she was a POP star, that’s why she got all that media attention.

Females in the pop world dress like whore 99% of the time, while guys usually don’t. So how is it a double standard for girls when they ALWAYS dress like whores in the business? There is no double standard. Its one thing if every guy dressed half naked all the time, and if a girl did they got hated on. But the GIRLS are the ones dressing half nude all the time, and they are getting publicity from it, not the men. I think that guys will have naked females in their videos occasionally, and maybe once or twice they will go overboard like that guy D’Angelo did. But the guys in the pop world don’t walk around in thongs ALL the time like the girls do.

Seriously, how come every male singer in the music business is fully clothes, but almost every girl dresses like trash? If anything that double standard would be the other way around. The “Dirrty” video did wonders for Christina. Guys thought she was hot, and it made her get attention like she wanted. But if somebody like made that same video and was wearing nothing but a sock over his….thing…he would have gotten crap for “disrespecting women” in the video and making them look like objects. He would have never gotten away with it like Christina did. All of Justin’s female fans would have been applaud at how he made women look like objects and how he was almost nude dancing with them like a man whore and most guys already hate Justin. But all Christina does is dress like a skank, and she gets tons of publicity because guys like watching her take off her clothes.

So in conclusion, I think that if anything that whole “double standard” that Christina fan was talking about, is the other way around. Sure some male singers take it far occasionally, but they never go to the extreme the female pop stars do. Legs spread, constantly nude or close to it, making orgasm noises in their songs. That’s the girls not the guys doing it. So the double standard would be totally the other way around, say if Justin Timberlake did everything Christina did. Except for wearing skirts. lol.

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One thought on “There Is No Double Standard

  1. lol says:

    WHAT? You must be joking. Lil Kim does NOT “get away” with her videos-everyone’s always calling her a “slut” or “whore” and criticizing her for her sexuality, and yet Biggie is the one going around sleeping with 3 girls at the same time and Kim has been faithful to him. And no, the men do NOT dress conservatively-haven’t you noticed how they NEVER WEAR SHIRTS and always have their pants hanging down to show their ASS CRACK? You just choose not to notice because society teaches you to be desensitized to it.

    Just like back in the day a man could have as many wives as he wanted, but if the woman wasn’t the his prefectly submissive faithful slave she’d be KILLED. It comes from the belief that female sexuality is something that should be CONTROLLED by men.

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