There’s No Illuminati Behind Natalia Kills

Natalia Kills

got into a Twitter exchange with a film student on Twitter on Sunday (April 17) after it was suggested the singer was part of the Illuminati. The exchange went as follows:

Jordan Lewis (@jordanlewis_): I was liking @NataliaKills so much that i didn’t realize that she was a part of the @Illuminati :( lol

Kills: @jordanlewis_ oh I almost forgot to pay my $4.99 annual Illuminati membership! Thanks for reminding me ;-) ha ha!! Are you for real? xx

Jordan: Your video ‘wonderland’ had a lot of imagery that made me wonder (skull ring, sacrifice, colors, eye). i just made observations @NataliaKills

Jordan: plus blatant message play with lyrics. I don’t care what your team is trying to say to us (don’t believe, we are alone)? come on lol @NataliaKills

Jordan: I respect your artistry though. I’m film studies major & love your “mirrors” homage to silent films and your album is amazing. all <3 @NataliaKills Kills: @jordanlewis_ I wrote the treatment for Wonderland and directed it (with G.) and even though all my opinions are subliminally flashing, I can assure you there's no 'team' or 'Illuminati' stuff going on. Just me and my brain babe! I know we're meant to read into the depths of art and its hidden meaning but sometimes things are what they are and there's nothing more to it. I like red. I think things like "fu** love" ...and "don't believe in fairytales", but that's all it is! I'm no genius or clan member, sorry to disappoint :-/ Kills: + I wanted to make a film that visually impacts as those feelings impacted me when i believed in fairytale love + suddenly had to face reality Jordan: THANK you for clarifying. I just hope that artists like you that have much influence do not take advantage of things like that @NataliaKills Jordan: And it's a video with many interpretations. I know it and you know it lol. Everyone will interpret it differently. @NataliaKills Kills: @jordanlewis_ I'm glad you like it! Simply, I think love can feel like brainwashing, like your heart is being cut into, it can feel violent Jordan: Well regardless I think you are an amazing artist/director. I hope to one day do what you do:) thxx @NataliaKills Kills: @jordanlewis_ thanks sweetheart, you're observant, you'll do great xx

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3 thoughts on “There’s No Illuminati Behind Natalia Kills

  1. Robin says:

    If Celebrities using signs and symbols people call them Illuminati, but if none celebrities using the same signs and symbols nobody cares. It’s really stupid, because these are just symbols who have more than one meaning. The Illuminati doesn’t exist. People should stop with this bullsh** and delete all this stupid webpages and videos.

  2. Tawny says:

    Don’t be naive. I don’t think she’s part of any secret society, but being in the mainstream pop industry she is incorporated into their symbolism. She probably doesn’t even know about these allusions. Obviously she’s a good singer and her videos may seem pretty k3wl but the imagery is there and simple research on the subject will help you understand. Peace!

  3. lily says:

    Dose it really matter,you either like the music or don’t ,and her music video fit to me made a lot of sense . Like even if she is into it that’s her choice ,and everything is always in some way bad so f it might as well like what you like at the end of the day it’s your choice.

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