There’s No Nick And Paris Sex Tape

The New York Daily News reports that and her ex-boyfriend of the are both denying reports that they may have made a sex tape after Hilton’s Hollywood Hills pad was robbed on August 6th. Paris’ spokeswoman says there never were such tapes while Carter’s rep added: “He’s not that type of guy. She’s the one with the history.”

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4 thoughts on “There’s No Nick And Paris Sex Tape

  1. popmaster167 says:

    Even if there was a sex tape, I very much doubt it would get leaked because its stolen property, no tabloid editor or porno company would go near it unless they wanted to face handling stolen property charges and lawsuits.

  2. Pheobe says:

    Nick and his people should be ashamed. He’s not that type of guy, she’s the one with the history. So what, she’s had sex, haven’t we all. I would rather be known for having sex than being a women beating teen molesting fat bastard with a shaved head. Nick needs to burn in hell for all his crimes against women.

    At the end of the day, I believe Nick hit Paris. Just for the record, he is ugly and untalented but that is beside the point right now. It’s not about liking Nick or not liking Nick. I don’t know Nick and have no desire what-so-ever to ever meet Nick.

  3. Smile says:

    That’s funny. Nick’s rep is exactly right. I doubt Paris’ house was even robbed. She has an alarm system and her house is guarded. It more than likely was all an hoax by Paris. But if it’s true, good. What comes around, goes around. The only thing I hope is that her dog is okay. As long as they don’t harm the dog, they can do whatever they want with her things as far as I’m concerned.

    Why do you believe he did that? Anyone could have hit her besides him. Nick wasn’t even around Paris when she got those bruises. Paris has more of a history of violence than Nick does. She has gotten into fights before – Nick hasn’t. He has never laid his hands on a woman before – all of his girlfriends have said that.

    Sorry it took so long to respond. Here is why I believe he didn’t do it. Nick never hit Willa. She hit him, even in front of his own fans. But he never hit her back and Willa even said that. As for the bruises on Paris, from what I know, she got them several days after the last time she saw Nick. She didn’t have them right after seeing him. She also didn’t have them again. They were gone two or three days later. I believe that Paris is doing this all for publicity. Why? An abused woman doesn’t wear a see-though dress, while holding onto some guy, and then show the media up-close pictures of the bruises. Then, refuse to say who did it. When you’re abused, you either completely hide it or you tell everyone. And you never want to be around another guy that soon. I believe that Paris either started a catfight or someone in her family hit her. She sees this as the perfect revenge on Nick, and goes with the flow. The fight with Shannon make not make her violent – but that is still more history of violence than Nick has.

  4. backstreetgrl says: in hell do you have so much hate on nick I mean if it is because of the Paris thingy than your just wow because truly there is no proof that nick touched her but there isn’t any proof that she was even abused and Lindsey never said nick touched her either..i mean don’t you know not to believe the tabloids..everyone knows that..i mean come on get sum common sense please..i mean if ya hate his music that’s fine because not every 1 is gonna like his music..but if it’s because the Paris thing than man you serious need to get a reality check..but man you are one funny person..half of these post are from you..lmao..haha..

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