There’s No Substance Behind Britney Spears’ Spandex

Alec Hanley Bemis of LA Weekly weighed in the the lowered sales of Britney Spears’ latest and ill-timed record ‘Britney’, which came out just weeks after the 11 terror attacks, which “made her seem even more irrelevant than usual.” Bemis said, “Her career wasn’t sinking because we wanted a more credible or a more mature Britney — if there’s one thing we Americans can agree upon, it’s the universality of supple breasts and thinly veiled soft porn. Problem was, there was no substance behind the spandex. Her lifelong aspirations toward fame — honed by years on The Mickey Mouse Club — provided Spears a personality. But there was no person, just a vessel, raised to actualize her parents’ affection for shows like Star Search and American Idol. Britney is JonBenet Ramsey, grown up and made good. Or maybe she’s just the new Cher.”

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