Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, Etc. – They’re Not Singers

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I am so sick of so called ‘singers’ lip synching. These people are not singers, they are performers. If you can’t sing live you shouldn’t be singing at all.

Britney Spears, Beyonce and Destiny’s Child, Ashlee Simpson, and Hillary Duff, Usher and 50 Cent. They all lip synch. Britney, Usher, Beyonce and the DC girls blame there vigorous dance routines for they’re lip synching. There’s an easy solution to that, don’t dance so much. If you can’t sing while dancing you have no right to call yourself a singer. sings live and dances. Not as much as Britney and the others, but enough to put on a good show.

The rest blame throat problems or illness. I’m sorry, but you can’t be sick ALL THE TIME. If you’re sick pull out of whatever commitments you have. Otherwise don’t make silly excuses.

Lip synching completely ruins a performance. It takes away the energy of a live performance. It’s so disappointing when you go to a concert and realize you could have just stayed at home and listened to the CD.

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10 thoughts on “Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, Etc. – They’re Not Singers

  1. fpasko says:

    Get over it ok. Music is about entertainment and how it makes you feel, regardless of if the artist lip-syncs or not. Why are you wasting your time posting an essay about something that has been talked about before? Does it even really matter anymore?

  2. ssl291 says:

    Here we go again with the lip sync conspiracy theory. If there was that much people lip synching you would see a lot more mistakes like what happened on SNL a few weeks ago. It is funny how people always says how much like the album the singer sounds. It doesn’t mean anything since someone that would really want to get away with lip synch could simply record another vocal track that has nothing to do with the album. That most artist use backtrack as nothing to do with their ability to sing live. Read the Deborah Norville interview in the Ashley Simpson archive. The guy explain clearly the effect and goal to use backtrack. The truth of it is that any single one of those artists are talented and don’t need to lip sync, other than for medical reason. People always make the mistake to think that because they don’t like someone, it automatically means that the person they don’t like has no talent, and is lip synching. Fans of different artists are competing and arguing on this site about who’s the best. The best will always be the one that the person like. Why care that someone like another artist best, it doesn’t mean that the one you like is not good. Why Christina and Britney fans even care to fight about them. A lot of people are fan of both. Who cares who’s the best, it is personal taste which can’t be right or wrong.

  3. bojanglez says:

    Its sad that if they can’t sing and they can’t dance then they are not entertainers. For example Ashlee Simpson doing the hoe down dance after getting caught lip syncing. LOL

  4. caturce says:

    we all know that you are a Christina fan, and Christina don’t dance and yeah she sings live even tho she also use a backtrack to the echos and stuff like that, see and understand this now! Christina is not the best singer of the world, cos if you believe that I can name that person like Mariah Carey who is the best! even tho I like Christina but I’m sick of the comparisons about who lip sync and who doesn’t let’s stop it now Britney is the best in what she does same with usher, usher is better than Justin so lets face it, Christina has a better voice? YES but so what? nobody notices that when Britney is on stage!

  5. Smile says:

    I agree that it’s not fair to the fans when someone lip-synches most of the time. People like Usher, Hilary, and Lindsay don’t have any excuse for it. They either don’t have talent or are too busy thinking they’re sexy to worry about singing. But at the same time I don’t think it’s a big deal once in a while. Different situations come up and you can’t help that.

  6. Britney_rocks says:

    lol I can’t believe this person says slutina dances. She dances like a sl*t. Britney is versatile. Slutina probably wishes she could dance like Britney because Britney is the best (behind Michael) some critic said if you’ve performed with Michael Jack you’ve made it. MJ’s 30th anniversary concert every single artist was there except for Slutina. Because Michael doesn’t like sluts like her. Britney has almost sold 100 million albums, and singles combined. Slutina has barely reached the 30 million mark.

  7. jazzprofounder says:

    Can you just get over it? Music is meant to be fun, free, and make you feel good, it’s entertainment. Focusing on whether or not the person lip syncs just ruins the whole point of listening to the music. If the artist lip syncs live, then just don’t go to the concerts.

  8. Clara106 says:

    i agree with the very last sentence of this essay. who wants to spend up to 50 bucks for a concert when they aren’t even singing live? you probably already own the album, too if you went to see their concert in the first place. also, I’ve never really heard of destiny’s child lip synching that much. I think that worst part is when they get “caught” or something happens that makes it so obvious that they were and they either deny it or make up some excuse. the reason they act like that is because they know that its stupid to lip synch so they can’t just admit to it.

    oh please, music isn’t just supposed to be this fun thing. these people are called singers for a reason. because they can sing but, then they never do it. how do we know if they really can sing or not if they never do it?and singing live defnitely wont take the fun or enjoyment out of music. it makes it more genuine, and real. lipsynching makes it seem fake and artificial.

  9. missprissoftheyear says:

    Well Beyonce, Usher, 50 Cent and DC do not lip synch all the time. The other *****ers do but they ALL still shouldn’t lip synch. I know that there is the rare occasion where a venue can’t provide the equipment to facilitate a live performance. Isn’t part of performing actually singing live? I wouldn’t even call half of those *****ers performers. A lot of bands ***** on pop music and reckon rock music is ‘real music’, which I generally object to. But if you look at TOTP (not the best example but an example), it is mostly *****ty pop acts who have to lip synch all the time while all bands play live. Just *****ing sing live because it really manages to evoke certain emotions in the audience.

  10. MihoshiMarie says:

    Then there would be no point to having a concert.’, ‘If that’s all music is for, then why bother with the concerts? I still don’t understand people like you. You’re willing to spend over $100 just to sit in some crappy seat that’s so far away from the artist – so far that they look like a little blurb – just to hear this person lip sync to the vocals from the CD? I just bought a live DVD from a duo called Goldfrapp (very nice pop music, BTW) and the lead singer, Alison Goldfrapp, sounds utterly amazing live. I watched it, amazed that she could sing like that! It would have been no fun and just underwhelming to spend an hour watching someone mime to pre-recorded lyrics. There’s no awe and wonderment. Once upon a time, music was much more than a form of entertainment. It was an art form. Now it’s just another product, meant to be packaged and sold. Products don’t make me feel as good as ART does.

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