Things/People Have Been Holding Varsity Fanclub Back

Jayk Purdy of checked in with fans on the boy band’s blog at MySpace (@varsityfanclub) on Tuesday (July 7), reacting to those concerned their music career seems to be in limbo. Purdy writes:

Some of you are curious and wondering why we’re not touring and why new music hasn’t come out.. believe us when I say that it is not our fault and that certain things/people have been holding us back for quite some time now.. We don’t want to get into the details but just know we’re still working day in and day out for all of you.. it kinda feels to us that some of you have thrown in the towel on us and just given up.. trust us, we will win this battle and prevail… all we ask is that you please stay with us on this journey… We promise it will be worth the wait, we have no reason to BS you.. Thank you for reading this, it’s just something I have been pondering for the past week and had to express it to you all.. :) Know that we love you all so much..

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