Think About It? Please!

Contributed by MariahCareyFreak:

I’m a fan and I believe love her or dislike her you should respect her and other artist!

Mariah Carey has been through a lot. Can you just one time stop thinking of her as some POP DIVA and look at her like a person? She has never done anything to you or your family. So please stop hatin her like she’s the devil!

Bet you didn’t know that Mariah lost her father in July 4th 2002. Think about everytime we’ll be celebrating our Independence, Mariah will be thinking of her father. Think about how hard it would be on you to lose a father!

It would kill me! I can’t see me without my father!
Through The Rain isn’t a flop single it’s a great message. Listen to the lyrics! Some of the most popular song’s don’t make any since lyricly, and some songs that are the best writin songs of all time aren’t so popular

Radio isn’t playin Mariah cause her music doesn’t fit today’s Music. Whatever, Radio isn’t playin Mariah cause they have a boycott on her music! Do you noice that every song she put out are not being played? Now small minded people like Basher, believe that’s because the song sucks, well that isn’t true.
Through The Rain and Boy(I Need You) are great songs and there not being played.

Radio says that Boy(I Need You) is a remake of Oh Boy and that’s old! Well isn’t the Ashanti and Ja-Rule thing old too? Don’t get me wrong much love for Ashanti and Ja-Rule! But come on, how many times are they going to do a remake of Always On Time?

So Mariah does Oh Boy part 2 and radio is upset about it?

If you don’t believe this song is great, go to a site an listen to it!

I’m not trying to get you people to change your mind about Mariah Carey, cause if you don’t like her you don’t like her. There’s nothing I can say to change that! All I can say is why? Why don’t you like her? You don’t like her because you believe she is some stuck up Diva! You believe all them News papers and magazine. But the minute they print something on Britney it isn’t true! So why isn’t isn’t it the same for Mariah Carey?

Damn what did she do? Put on a sexy out fit and said hey look at me, I can sing like a bird and I look like Honey! If you were as beautiful as her would you hide behind a dress or show it off?

That’s what I though! I’m writing this to get you people to start thinking for yourself again!

I’m not some brain washed Lamb like Haters make me out to be! I’m a clear thinking person.

Stop letting radio tell you what you should and shouldn’t listen too. Because one day they will be doing it to the artist of today! They will be telling Britney that they won’t play her music.

If you don’t stop it here, it won’t stop anywhere!

Like Mariah or dislike Mariah what Radio is doing is wrong!

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