Think Before You Insult Rising Teenyboppers

Contributed anonymously:

So many times, it is so easy to say that so and so sucks. But are you realizing what these people went through to get where they are now? Let me tell you:

Hilary Duff: There are many reasons to hate her, because she “can’t sing:” or because she is supposedly robbing innocent children everywhere! But think before that. When Hilary Duff was in grade one, she had a speaking impediment, and everyone was teasing her and adults told her and her parents that she shouldn’t be in school, she should be in therapy! So she took voice lessons and then when she got more confident she wanted to take acting lessons, and I won’t go into it anymore. So she went through all of this, and then when she finally gets somewhere, look what happens again!

Avril Lavigne: I don’t know the whole story with this awesome punk but I know that she went through a lot of crap in life to understand it and to put that crap into songs. She is tough and she had a hard time I think it like Jr. High and High School.

We have to see that not everyone is going to be as hypocritical as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera or Jessica Simpson,. Look at Mandy Moore, she is respected without ANY of that. I wont get into or Mariah Carey, let’s save that for another time. Basically, just think about how normal they really are.

Also, please don’t bash me, because if you realize, I didn’t just log out and switch to anonymous like so many others.

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