Third Album Coming From Lindsay Lohan

With no movies on her calendar, the New York Post hears Lindsay Lohan is set to begin work recording her third album, which is rumored to be titled ‘Nobody’s Angel’. “She’s only recording because of a contractual obligation to Universal,” claimed a source at Universal Music Group, which released the 21-year-old’s second album ‘A Little More Personal (Raw)’. But another insider insisted, “Lindsay always planned to release a third album.”

Michael Lohan Talks About Lindsay With ‘Extra’

‘Extra’ caught up with Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael volunteering at the New York City Rescue Mission, where the ex-con said he’s happy the 21-year-old, who he says has been “walking the walk” since her third rehab stint in 2007, is in the area for Thanksgiving. “I’m glad Lindsay’s back here in New York with her family and she has her mom and dad, who both support her,” Michael said. Asked if the family would be spending Thanksgiving together, Lohan responded, “What happens between my family and I, I really want to keep to myself because that would kind of betray the trust I have with them. Personal things are best kept personally.” Read more.

Lindsay Lohan And Riley Giles Romance In Trouble?

A friend tells In Touch magazine that Lindsay Lohan and her Utah based boyfriend Riley Giles are going through difficult times as the 21-year-old transitions to her routine Hollywood lifestyle. “Lindsay is so hectic and demanding,” the friend explained. “She and Riley have been fighting a lot and I think that both of them are getting annoyed.” While Lohan is “loves the attention” she gets in LA, Riley “hates the spotlight”, according to the source.

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