This Is All Nonsense

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That’s right, I’m going to post one…I may not like it, but at least it’ll be seen and perhaps taken into account. Everyone needs to back off with the bashing and just learn that we don’t all like the same people. I’m sick of going into a thread and seeing hundreds of comments about how horrible someone is for liking Britney or how stupid someone is for liking .

It’s really all pointless because in the long run, it doesn’t matter WHO you listen to or WHAT music you like. It all comes down to respect, which it’s sad that a lot of you don’t even have for others. I think that some of you should be banned from ever posting again because of your conduct on here…repeatedly. You all know who you are, so there’s no need to point fingers. I just think that we should all take a step back and think about how pointless all of this nonsense is. It all comes down to the fact that I’m not going to say anything bad about an artist I don’t like because it’s just wasting my time…and trust me when I say there are things FAR more important in life than bashing whatever artist I don’t like at the moment.

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