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Do some of you ever notice how when there is something good said about , the “haters” either don’t comment or try to make a fool out of themselves by trying to do whatever they can to sound negative? And the same with Christina fans, when there is something good about Britney Spears, they don’t comment either, or they try to sound negative again (well, it was like that before Britney made a fool out of herself and hasn’t really done anything that people consider as a good thing, lol, but you get my point). I just find that funny. I don’t get why some of you have to be that way.

If you don’t like a celebrity, okay, but it seems silly that you keep your mouths shut when something good is said about a celebrity that you don’t like. It just shows how ignorant and immature some of you can be. I can say right now that I am a Britney and Christina fan, but I am starting to kind of feel turned off by Britney because she hasn’t really done anything but try to get publicity every single time she has a new album or single coming out or something. But still, if there were good things said about her, I would comment and at least say, “good for her!”, even though I don’t like her all that much.

Why can’t some of you be like me and just relax, be cool, and stop hating!

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One thought on “This Is The Funny Thing

  1. irene taylor says:

    i think a lot of frustration & anger by Christina fans is fueled by media’s favortism toward Britney. the 2003 vmas for instance. not only did the camera cut away to the audience during the Madonna-christina kiss but also during her dance routines with Madonna. following Britney’s meltdown in 2007 & continued sliding CD sales, the media kicked in to save her fading career by hyping her every appearance, as though it was the 2nd coming, praising her for mediocre performances & bestowing her with awards in numbers she didn’t even receive when she was at the top of her game!!! even when Christina is doing worth-while ventures such as the ‘rock the vote’ campaign, performance on cnn’s ‘heroes & other meaningful causes…not a single bone from the media.

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